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Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Gray
Favorite color Copper[1]
Residence Dave's farm, Unnamed Town (formerly)
Family Gustav (grandfather)
Matthew (granduncle)
Jane Read (daughter)
David Read (son-in-law)
Arthur Read (grandson)
D.W. Read (granddaughter)
Kate Read (granddaughter)
Jessica (daughter)
Richard (son-in-law)
Cora (granddaughter)
Lucy (daughter)
Lucy's husband (son-in-law)
Fred (son)
Unnamed wife (?) possibly deceased
Cartoon debut "Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm"
Voiced by A.J. Henderson

Dave is the father of Jane Read and her siblings, the father-in-law of David Read, and the grandfather to their children, including Arthur, D.W., Kate and Cora.

Dave lives on the family farm near an unnamed town, which has been in the family for over 150 years. He plays as an independent, devoted and loving family man who enjoys playing checkers.


Dave seems to be loved by his whole family. He seems to be quite independent, hard-working, and traditional in views, to a point where he stays to have the Read family keep the house in good shape because it's been owned by them for over 150 years. Because of this, he comes off as a proud and stubborn man.

Dave is also a jovial, devoted, and very likable grandfather. He eventually gets the early stages of Alzheimer's in Grandpa Dave's Memory Album, when he starts to forget his grandson Arthur’s name.






  • He is getting a house closer to the Reads'.
  • He develops Alzheimer's in "Grandpa Dave's Memory Album."
  • He is friends with Catherine and Francine's grandmother, Bubby.
  • He usually goes to Elwood City to go to the doctor's office.
  • In the family picture title card, he can be seen.
  • He attends the annual fireman ball. It is unknown if he was a firefighter when he was younger or he is volunteering there.
  • He is listed on the end credits regularly and appears in the opening theme song, despite having only appeared in fewer episodes compared to other members of the Read family tree.
  • It is unknown what his last name is.
  • Besides a still photograph in "Whip. Mix. Blend.," he has not been seen in any Flash-animated season (sixteenth season and beyond).
  • He is very good friends with Ed, Bill, and Donald.


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