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Dear Adil (game)
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Game type Educational
Release Date 2017
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Dear Adil is an educational online game based on the episode with the same name. It is part of the "Being a Friend" series, and the topic is "Learning From Others."


The game plays through a trimmed-down version of the story in the episode. Screenshots from the episode and speech bubbles are presented in a panel format. Near the end, the player can do an interactive email chat with Adil by choosing one of three pre-made questions, which Adil will respond to.


  • Arthur: I usually wear jeans, a shirt, and sneakers. What do you wear?
    • Adil: That sounds like what I wear. When it's warm, I wear tee-shirts, shorts, and sandals. When it's colder, long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and maybe a sweater vest.
  • Arthur: What is your school like? Or are you taught at home?
    • Adil: My school is pretty big, and a little crowded. We have our elementary and middle schools together in one building. One good thing is that I get to learn a lot from older kids!
  • Arthur: Do you take your turban off before you shower?
    • Adil: That's a weird question. I am a Muslim, but only some Muslims wear turbans. I don't wear one. And of course people who wear them take them off before showering. It would get all wet.
  • Arthur: Do you have any pets, like a monkey?
    • Adil: What? Who has a pet monkey? They're wild animals.
  • Arthur: I really like to read. I go to the library all the time. Do you like reading?
    • Adil: I LOVE to read! My favorite books are books about Turkish history. It's so interesting.
  • Arthur: I love to ride my bike. Do you have a bike? If so, where do you ride?
    • Adil: I live in Istanbul, a really big city. It's crowded, and there is a lot of traffic, so we can't ride bikes that often. My apartment building has a small park, and sometimes I ride my bike there.
  • Arthur: How did you learn to speak Turkish?
    • Adil: Uh... everyone I know speaks Turkish, so I just learned it.
  • Arthur: Do you play video games? Which ones do you like?
    • Adil: I do play video games! Usually I play on a computer or a tablet. I like games where I can build things — like zoos and houses.
  • Arthur: Do you have a certain bedtime? I'm supposed to go to sleep at 9:00.
    • Adil: Yes, usually I go to bed at about 9:30. Right before bed my family has tea and a snack together. We eat walnuts, oranges, and apples.
  • Arthur: What kind of money do you use in Turkey?
    • Adil: Our money is called the Turkish lira. You can buy a delicious ice cream for just one lira!
  • Arthur: I love a TV show called "Bionic Bunny." Do you like TV or movies?
    • Adil: I don't watch them that often, but I do like TV and I loooove movies! Sometimes my friends and I even act out our favorite TV shows.
  • Arthur: What kinds of games do you play with your friends?
    • Adil: The best game is called celik comak. There are two teams, and a stick on the ground between them. The goal is to get the stick to your side!
  • Arthur: What's your family like? I live with my mom, dad, and two little sisters.
    • Adil: I live with my mother and father, and my little sister Ayse, who is VERY annoying!
  • Arthur: Do you have a favorite food? If so, what is it?
    • Adil: My favorite food it called manti. It's sooooo delicious. It's dough folded around a super tiny ball of meat (like a mini ravioli!).
  • Arthur: Is it hot living in the desert?
    • Adil: I assume it could be hot... but why are you asking me? I live in a big city!
  • Arthur: Do you have man-eating newts where you live?
    • Adil: You mean like tiny lizards that eat people? That's not even a real thing!
  • Arthur: Have you ever seen someone make a carpet fly?
    • Adil: Seems like a weird question. You mean like a magic show?
  • Arthur: What are your friends like? My best friend Buster is really funny!
    • Adil: My best friend is named Onder. He is so funny! But sometimes he gets in trouble for not doing his homework.
  • Arthur: What kind of weird foods do Turkish people eat?
    • Adil: What do you mean weird? I eat lots of good food.
  • Arthur: Do you listen to regular music, or just snake charmer music?
    • Adil: Uh, you DO know I live in Turkey, right? I THINK you're thinking about India. And I don't think THEY even have snake charmers anymore.
  • Arthur: So, you live in Turkey. Do you EAT turkey on Thanksgiving?
    • Adil: Arthur, I don't know what "turkey" is. Are you making a joke of some sort?


Differences from the episode

Page 1

  • The teaser is removed and the title is narrated by Arthur instead of Binky.
  • The game starts with Arthur finding the letters, with no mention of the olive depitter.
  • The line in the beginning is changed from "But I did find these letters! Cool stamps!" to "Hey Dad! I found these letters with cool stamps on them! What are they?"
  • In the episode, the name of David´s Pen Pal is Tatsuo Matsumoto, but in the game, it´s Tatsuya Matsumoto.
  • D.W. is cut from these scenes.
  • David does not mention any specific parts of the letters.
  • Arthur is not shown waking up in the morning.

Page 2

  • The scene with Mr. Ratburn is removed.
  • Arthur asking Buster about Turkey is removed, although Buster's lines about the food Turkey are kept in.
  • Buster's line about the turkey bone is removed, but the image of him holding it is kept in.

Page 4

  • Onder is not in these scenes.
  • Adil does not know what brownies are, instead of not knowing what a mall is. The pepperoni part is not changed.

Page 5

  • D.W.'s lines are cut from these scenes.
  • The line "maybe he was just being polite" is removed.
  • Also, David says that what Arthur thinks of his letters being dull compared to Adil's is not true instead of saying the case.
  • Arthur trying to write another letter and his fantasy of everyone in Turkey falling asleep are removed, and the game instead cuts to the Sugar Bowl.

Page 6

  • Buster asks "What's wrong? You're so quiet," instead of playing with straws.
  • Buster talking about eating twenty-seven cherries is removed.
  • Arthur writes "A brownie is a type of chocolate cake" instead of "A mall is a big building with lots of stores."
  • Buster taking offense at Arthur calling pepperoni boring is removed.

Page 7

  • Adil says that he doesn't know if he's going to write back.

Page 8

  • Arthur asking his parents about the mail is removed.
  • Arthur completed his sentence when asking Mr. Higgins if he had his letters.
  • Mr. Higgins says "Nope! Sorry!" when being asked by Arthur about his letters. In the episode, Higgins shakes his head and says nothing.
  • Alberto wears his normal clothes, and he is drawn in the Season 16-19 animation style.
  • Arthur does not tell Alberto about Buster giving him the comic.
  • Alberto doesn't mention Illinois Jack going to the golden Mayan temple in Ecuador.
  • Arthur said he thought the Illinois Jack comic was accurate in the episode. But in the comic, he says he thought the comic was right.
  • Alberto doesn't specify that he watched the show as a little kid. The order of the stereotypes is also different: in the game, Alberto lists living in a skyscraper, going surfing after school, and putting ketchup on all of their food. In the episode, he lists first surfing, then skyscrapers, then ketchup.

Page 10

  • The line about the mall is removed.
  • After Arthur says "That's because my answers sounded boring," Adil tells Arthur to "ask his questions" and they can choose from a few pre-written questions.
  • Adil talks about his questions.

Page 11

  • D.W.'s line is removed, and Arthur is frustrated about his sister "typing on the keyboard" instead of "annoying him."
  • Adil says "his sister" instead of Ayse's actual name.





Dear Adil game unused dialogue.png
  • There exists an unused question and a corresponding voice line in the game, in which Adil asks "What would YOU tell me or ask me in a letter?" It was intended for use between Arthur asking "Has anyone ever made an assumption about you? How did you feel?" and the ending slide of the game.
  • As of 2022, the Turkish government has changed the official spelling of the country's English name from "Turkey" to "Türkiye" (the Turkish spelling). This game, like the episode on which it is based, uses the country's former spelling.

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