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This article is about Theodore Read's sister. You may be looking for Arthur's sister, D.W. Read or Bernice the llama's cria.
Dora Winifred Read
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Birthday About one year before Theo's
Family *Theodore Read (brother)
Cartoon debut "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur"

Dora Winifred Read is the deceased sister of Theodore Read and Thora's father. She is seen in a photograph in the special "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur," when D.W. learns that she is named after her and behaves quite similarly as well. According to Theo, "she was only a year older but she was the boss." She cooked with David a lot, and taught him how to roast a chicken. She died before D.W. was born, making her D.W.'s namesake. It's unclear if Arthur ever met her when she was still alive.