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Doria Walters
Doria Walters
Gender Female
Animal Dog
Birthday May 16[1]
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Tannish gray
Residence Fern's House
Family Mr. Walters (husband)
Fern Walters (daughter)
Job Real estate agent[2]
Cartoon debut "Fern's Slumber Party"
Voiced by Kerri Clarke

Doria[3] Walters is the mother of Fern Walters and the wife of Mr. Walters. She's a real estate agent for Karabagli Real Estate.[2]


Doria is always signing Fern up for different classes and hosted a sleepover for Fern's friends, She wants Fern to be more social. She's also patient, because she didn't get angry when Fern's phone gets ruined. She's very involved in volunteering and different events in the community.


She bought Fern a Portilex-360 cell phone. "Phony Fern" She also forced Fern to have a slumber party, calling her desire for a detective kit 'silly.'






Phony Fern 63
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  1. "Fernlets by Fern" - As Mother's Day is the 2nd Sunday in May, it gives enough space for her birthday on the 16th to be in the same month. This makes sense, because it shortens the span of the episode from 1 month to 1 week.
  2. 2.0 2.1 "I have three houses to show, so I may be home late tonight, but your father's making dinner. Bye, sweetie!" — Doria Walters to Fern Walters, "Phony Fern"
  3. "2,000 signatures! I wish we had three more of you, Doria. " — Unnamed woman, "Fern's Slumber Party"