Dr. Legume
Dr. Legume
Gender Male
Cartoon debut "Binky Goes Nuts"

Dr. Legume was a villain that appeared in Binky's nightmare in "Binky Goes Nuts". His partner was Anna Phylaxis.

Because of his new peanut allergy, Binky cannot eat any peanut products. This upset Dr. Legume enough to stick Binky on giant slice of bread covered in jelly and threaten to press him with a giant slice of bread covered with peanut butter. Bionic Bunny burst in and wrapped up the duo with the peanut butter slice, and flew Binky to safety.

Behind the scenes

  • Dr. Legume wears a suit similar to that of The Penguin from Batman, but he is much like Mr. Peanut of the Planters snack company as well.
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