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Dream Reciters
Dream reciters
Gender Both male and female members
Cartoon debut "Buster's Secret Admirer"

The Dream Reciters are an imaginary group that sees people's dreams in a basin, recites them at their meetings, and sometimes gives presents to people who had nightmares.

Buster makes up the Dream Reciters in "Buster's Secret Admirer". He receives a box of chocolates from his "Secret Admirer" and notices that "Secret Admirer" is an anagram of "Dream Reciters". He has a fantasy of the Dream Reciters seeing his nightmare and rewarding him with chocolates. Later in the episode, he sees the Dream Reciters in a dream and they give him a clue as to who the Secret Admirer really is.

Buster's list of anagrams also includes: “semi red crater”, “scream red fire”, “secret ram ride”, “desecrater rim”, “red stair crime”, and “arrest red mice”.