"Ed Crosswire's niece's husband" is not an official name.
Ed Crosswire's niece's husband
Gender Male
Animal Monkey
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Brown
Family Ed Crosswire's niece (wife)
Ed Crosswire (uncle-in-law)
Millicent Crosswire (aunt-in-law)
Muffy Crosswire (cousin-in-law)
Chip Crosswire (cousin-in-law)
Cartoon debut The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies

Ed Crosswire's niece's husband appears in "The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies," at his and his wife's wedding reception. Ed Crosswire hired David Read to make the wedding cake and a wedding cake topper that looked identical to the couple. He only says one line in the episode, which is "Kinda tastes like chicken." He hasn’t appeared since.


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