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For the person, see Juan-Carlos Salamanca.
El Boomerang
The Long Road Home 120
Item Type

Soccer Ball


Alberto Molina

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Follow the Bouncing Ball"

El Boomerang is a soccer ball owned by Alberto. It was autographed by famous Ecuadorian player Juan-Carlos Salamanca, who was nicknamed "El Boomerang." The ball was lost in "Follow the Bouncing Ball" and appeared briefly in every episode until it was returned to Alberto in "The Long Road Home."

The Ball[]


Alberto once got El Boomerang from his grandfather. He claims it brings good luck.

In "Follow the Bouncing Ball," Francine and Alberto kick their soccer balls into the same bush and each pick up the wrong ball. When Francine sees Alberto on Buster's video, she wants to return El Boomerang, but when Buster throws it to her, it rolls down the street. It is knocked away by Molly's skateboard, played with by Killer, and finally bounces onto a pick-up truck that drives away. At that point Francine gives up the chase. At the end of the episode, the ball falls off the truck.

In "Buster Baxter & the Letter from the Sea," El Boomerang rolls through the seaside town where Arthur and Buster are staying and falls into the sea.

In a fantasy in "Around the World in 11 Minutes," a girl plays with El Boomerang in a Chinese street market.

In "Muffy and the Big Bad Blog," two boys play with El Boomerang on the beach in Costa Rica where Muffy is spending a vacation. The boys kick the ball into the ocean.

In a fantasy in "Arthur Unravels," El Boomerang lies on a street near the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. Buster kicks it to Binky.

In "All the Rage," El Boomerang floats in a canal in Venice during the first Capri di Vapida interview.

In "D.W., Queen of the Comeback," El Boomerang can be seen in the background when Martha calls from Bodh Gaya, India.

In the introduction to "In My Africa," Cheikh plays with El Boomerang in the streets of Dakar, Senegal.

In a fantasy in "Buster Spaces Out," El Boomerang floats outside Buster's spaceship.

In "The Long Road Home," El Boomerang falls out of the sky in Istanbul in front of Arthur's penpal, Adil. Arthur recognizes ball by its signature and asks Adil to ship it to Elwood City. Arthur wants to give it to Alberto for his birthday, but the ball bounces out of his room at night. When Arthur and Alberto wait for George's return from Crown City, the ball rolls in front of George and he kicks it into Alberto's arms.

After Adil found the ball, Arthur asks Buster how El Boomerang could have gotten to Turkey. Buster answers correctly, prompting an exasperated Arthur to say, "Why do I even bother to ask you these things?".


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Elwood City in "Follow the Bouncing Ball" A sea side town in "Buster Baxter & the Letter from the Sea." The streets of a city in China in "Around the World in 11 Minutes" (fantasy). In Costa Rica on the beach during Muffy's vacation in "Muffy and the Big Bad Blog." The streets of Moscow, Russia in "Arthur Unravels" (fantasy). The canals of Venice, Italy in "All the Rage" The religious site of Bodh Gaya, India in "D.W., Queen of the Comeback." The streets of Dakar, Senegal with Cheikh in "In My Africa." Floats outside Buster's spaceship in "Buster Spaces Out" (fantasy). Fall out of the sky in Istanbul in the opening of "The Long Road Home." At Arthur's house in "The Long Road Home." Returns to Alberto outside the clock tower at the end of "The Long Road Home."