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Elbozonic TV

The Read family's Elbozonic TV

Elbozonic Logo

Elbozonic logo

The Elbozonic TV is a line of CRT televisions manufactured by Elbozonic. The brand name and manufacturer of these products is a play on Panasonic. The Read family owns one of these TVs. Its logo was revealed in I'd Rather Read It Myself from Season 3.

Reads' TV[]

The Elbozonic TV that the Read family owns is placed on a wooden base cabinet in the living room below D.W. and Kate's room. The remote control is also used to operate the TV, change the channel, and adjust the volume. Throughout the books, their TV has gone through several changes. In the earliest books, the TV was white and featured two round red buttons on the left while the rest of the buttons across were thin and black. During the 1990s era of books, their TV was gray and featured top-mounted audio speakers, and the buttons were moved to the right-hand corner. In the cartoon show, their TV is gray to black in color range, and it originally had antennae in the first season, but the antennae were removed in subsequent seasons (they probably bought cable TV to their house) and the TV set often lacked the buttons (probably to simplify animation process, although the TV is used in a background where only the pictures inside the TV move). The TV in the cartoon also remains unchanged.

Arthur and his friends watch Bionic Bunny on this TV, and at other times they watched the show's spin-off Dark Bunny. D.W. watches Mary Moo Cow on this TV, often to annoy Arthur.