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Elwood City All-Stars

Head Coach

Coach Raggett

Team Captains

Helga #12

Home Stadium

Lakewood Soccer Field

Largest Win (mentioned)

3-1 vs Lakewood Elementary

Largest Loss (mentioned)


  The Elwood City All-Stars are a soccer team in Elwood City coached by Coach Raggett in the tri-county soccer league along with Wayuga, Belmont, and Montvale. The team was only seen in "The "A" Team," where The Brain and Francine played for them in that episode, but later quit the team as it was too much pressure for them. They appear to play at the same field that Lakewood Elementary School plays at. The team's whereabouts are currently unknown, but they most likely still exist.


Name (if known) Jersey Number Notes
Francine Frensky 18 Quit the team to rejoin Lakewood.
Alan Powers 17 Quit the team to rejoin Lakewood.
Rae 12 Recruited Francine for team.
Jordan 13 Quit team because of "other commitments"
Sam 8
Unknown Male Dog (Number 2) 2
Unknown Female Dog 11
Helga 10
Male Light Brown Rabbit 6 Goalkeeper
Male Brown Rat 1
Male Dog 3
Toby 7 Previously seen in "Buster and the Daredevils."
Dark Male Bear 5
Tan Female Cat 9