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Elwood City High School
The band class of 1979-80.
Location Elwood City
Type High School
First appearance "The Butler Did... What?" (pictured)

Elwood City High School is/was a high school located in Elwood City. Francine's sister, Catherine, probably attends this school.

In Carl Manino's flashback from Sue Ellen Chickens Out it shows the Sugar Bowl when Carl was in his teen years. A teenage dog was wearing an orange and white letterman jacket that said "ECHS" on the back of it, and had a football under it. We can safely assume that this stands for "Elwood City High School" and that Catherine and her friends, including Angi, Debi and Tami, attend it with her.

The school also has a band program.


11th Graders[]

Former students[]

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