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Elwood City Public Library
Getsmart - library
Location Elwood City
Type Library
Sells Books (during book sales)
Administrator Paige Turner
Staff Mrs. Lancaster
First appearance "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn"

The Elwood City Public Library[1][2] or Elwood City Library[3][4] is Elwood City's public library. Its first major role was in "Locked in the Library!" where Arthur and Francine got locked in the library after an argument broke out between the two.


The library is an extensive area, about the size of a museum, that hasn't been showcased completely. The location of an elevator or ramps have not been established, but they are necessary because of the book carts the librarians use during reshelving. In some episodes, there is a bike rack on the right side of the building. To the right of the door is a drop box where patrons return books, as shown in "The Substitute Arthur." Right inside the front door is the check out desk where Ms. Paige Turner works. In the front, far left, part of the building is an assembly room where D.W. and her friends watch to Mr. Ratburn's puppet plays and other guest lecturers such as poets, musicians, and fire men. Farther in to the building directly across from the puppet play area is a group of couches and some computers where Arthur and his friends hang out. In the middle of the structure are tables to read at and stairs with landings, which are built around the middle area, giving the center of the first floor a tall ceiling. The third floor is located above the open area. There is a long hall where various rooms are located. Ostensibly the restrooms, broom closets, mechanical rooms, and lounges with food & television where Francine speculated is meant for the staff are located in this area. The library is operated by remote control which can be accessed with computers by season 2. Pressing a button can shut off the entire library. Using the library's telephones requires an identification code. Episodes showcasing the vast interior of the library are: Locked in the Library! (episode), Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn, D.W. the Copycat, Arthur Makes a Movie, Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival, and D.W.'s Library Card (episode).

Elwood City Public Library

Outside of the Elwood City Public Library

Prunella and Marina at the Elwood City Public Library

Marina and Prunella.

Since Lakewood Elementary does not have a library or media center within its own building, you can often find any number of students at the public library, mostly just researching assignments. They also enjoy reading for recreation, including the "Henry Skreever" and "Scare Your Pants Off" series books.

In addition, there are also zumba lessons. a lecture series, and various book clubs.


Grand opening of the "Crosswire Motors Computer Oasis"

In "Sue Ellen & the Last Page", the Elwood City city council was ready to cut funding to the library, due to fewer patrons checking out books. This prompted library staff to hold a final book sale. The decision was reversed after Sue Ellen's efforts to show the importance of the library to the community. Thanks to the Crosswires, who were able to provide additional funding, there is now a new computer room called "Crosswire Motors Computer Oasis."

In D.W.'s imagination in "D.W.'s Name Game," the entrance to the library is flanked by two stone lion statues of the Tibble Twins. Paige Turner still works there, but the library is filled with books that display scenes of live action historical events when you open them. It is also staffed by the Thesaurus, a tall Tyrannosaurus Rex who has a busy job organizing a large number of words within the library and is knowledgeable about synonyms of words.


The library staff includes Paige Turner who is in charge, a librarian to check out, check in, and reshelve books, and a librarian that announces when the library is about to close for the day. Ed Crosswire eventually joined the library after sponsoring a computer lab.


The library previously closed at 5:00 PM weekdays, open only on weekdays. This gave a limited time for studying. By D.W.'s Library Card (episode), the library expanded to include Saturdays.