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Elwood City Times
Elwood City Times
Francine and Mrs. Baxter outside the headquarters
Location Elwood City
Type Newspaper
Sells Newspapers
Administrator Bitzi Baxter (editor-in-chief)
Staff Harry Mills (sports reporter)
Julie, Grant, Stevens and Unknown rabbit (reporter),
Mr. Bellamy, Murphy and Parker (photographer),
Russell (editor),
Cheryl Featherfoffer,
Tomas Greenberg,
The District Supervisor
First appearance "Buster's New Friend" (building)

The Elwood City Times is the local newspaper for Elwood City. Buster's mother, Bitzi Baxter, currently works here.


The Elwood City Times, as mentioned above, is a newspaper that serves Elwood City. It is likely that it is issued daily. The newspaper has once been revealed to cost 50 cents.

The newspaper headquarters was established in 1948 with all needed departments to publish the newspaper. The building was built in 1949 from brick and limestone. The publication also has its own state of the art printing facility.



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