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Elwood Community Preschool
Preschool Outside
Location Elwood City
Type Preschool/Day Care Center
Staff Ms. Morgan
2 others
Number of students 15
Number of rooms 2

Elwood Community Preschool[1] (formerly Elwood City Preschool[citation needed]) is where D.W., Emily, James, Bud, and The Tibble Twins currently attend school. They are taught by Ms. Morgan. Most of Arthur's friends used to go to here (as seen in flashbacks). It also serves as a day care center. While most of the kids currently seen are between the ages of four and five it was revealed that there are also three year olds that go here with Vicita currently being the only known one.


Current Students[]

One Time Students[]

Former Students (known)[]

Unidentified Students[]


The names Paul and Mike are seen in this card.

In the episode "Double Tibble Trouble," two names most likely belonging to two of the unnamed preschoolers are seen in Timmy's get-well card. Another is seen in the book D.W.'s Guide to Preschool.

  • Paul
  • Mike
  • Sara



  • A good overview of the preschool was revealed in the book D.W.'s Guide to Preschool, but also included some extra elements not seen in the television series.
  • It was revealed in the episode "Blockheads" that the preschool has different classes for different age groups, example being a class for three year olds. D.W., Emily, the Tibble twins, and others probably are in the 5 year old class.
  • Miss Morgan is the only known teacher at the preschool.
  • The preschool has a pet gerbil named Speedy, seen only in D.W.'s Guide to Preschool, and a pet bunny named Larry, seen only in "Bunny Trouble".
  • In "Popular Girls", Arthur and his friends attend a day camp there during spring break, and Arthur refers to the building as a "community center." In subsequent seasons, Elwood City is shown to have its own community center building.



  1. Seen on the front sign in "The Pageant Pickle"
  2. Mentioned in D.W.'s Guide to Preschool. D.W. says that he once wet his pants, but she pretend not to notice because they're learning to be polite.