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This article is about Ethel. You may be looking for Ethel (Thora's friend) or Mrs. Ethel Saperstein.
Gender Female
Animal Bear
Hair color Orange (1-15)
Brown (16-present)
Complexion Cream (1-15)
Dark brown (16-present)
Family Possible son

Ethel[1] is a character who has made various appearances. Not much is known about her as she has never spoken in any of the episodes she appears in, but there is a chance she is the mother of 3rd Grade Male Dog as he has been seen with her in some episodes. There is also a chance she has another child who attends the Elwood City Preschool as she was seen at the preschool in the episode "My Fair Tommy."

Physical appearance

Ethel is a bear with a cream complexion. She wears a white shirt with long sleeves, a gray skirt, cream colored socks, and beige colored loafers.