This article is about Mrs. Ethel Saperstein. You may be looking for Ethel (Thora's friend) or Ethel.
Ethel Saperstein
Gender Female
Animal Goat
Hair color Gray
Complexion Brown
Residence Westboro Apartments
Family Mr. Saperstein (husband)
Cartoon debut Arthur and the Haunted Tree House
Voiced by Ada Balon

Ethel Saperstein is a resident of Westboro Apartments. She lives in apartment number 237 with her husband.

On Halloween, she tells a story about the "golem" to trick-or-treaters. In the story, she explains she lived in Mindelplatz as a girl.

When Francine returns, Mr. Saperstein answers the door and says the picture of young Ethel was his younger sister who vanished years ago.

Young Ethel Saperstein

Young Ethel.



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