"Fern's Detective Tango" is Track 14 of the album Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix. The song is a musical retelling of the events of "Binky Rules" from the perspective of Fern Walters, with commentary from Binky Barnes, as well brief comments from Buster Baxter and Arthur Read.


A missing book, a stolen pen
I must remind you to call me when
You've got something of a mystery
Call me, Fern detective!
(Somebody's gotta help me! I'm in big trouble. The writing's on the wall, and the pathway, and the lockers, and it's my name, but I didn't do it!)
Touch nothing! Trust me, Fern detective!
First, I'll check the clues
Muddy prints from muddy shoes
I'm on the trail
But this paint just won't compute
(Buster, get off the clue!)
(Oh, shoot!)
(I suppose I'll just have to guess... yes!)
Buster was out playing ball
Muffy, in the classroom down the hall
Arthur wouldn't have the guts!
J'accuse! (I accuse!)
(What does that mean?)
When I crack the big case
The school will come to me
They'll ask "Fern, how'd you do it?"
I'll say "It was elementary!"
I used my little gray cells
To deduce who, how and why
(But I'm telling you, I didn't do it!)
(Be quiet, Binky!)
The facts don't lie!
When your back's against the wall
And you're afraid you'll take the fall
When no one else would have the guts
Call me, Fern detective!
(Don't do it! Don't call her! I was framed!)
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