"Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain"



Season/Series: 8
Number in season: 2a
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States September 16, 2003[1]
Flag of Canada November 26, 2003[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom June 24, 2006[2]
Flag of Germany December 18, 2007[4]
Written by: Stephanie Simpson
Storyboard by: Ivan Tankushev
"Bitzi's Break Up"
"Thanks a Lot, Binky"
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"Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain" is the first half of the second episode in the eighth season of Arthur.


Fern can't wait to climb Moose Mountain and have exciting adventures like Zutzut, the famous comic-book hero, but she and her assigned hiking buddy, Francine, end up fighting all the way up the trail.


Fern and Francine go to Moose Mountain. Through trial and error, they make it to the top. Fern told Francine that she is going to call her Mom for a reason. When they get there Jenna, Prunella, and Muffy are there. Jenna asks if she can find a Golden Grebe in the mountain and the guide gives her a leaflet of any birds they could find on the Mountain. Then Prunella asks if she can find gems like a yellow quartz (Fool's Gold) and the guide gives her a leaflet of any gem she can find. Muffy asks where can she shop and the guide says there is a gift shop right where they are standing. Then Fern asks her if there are any mysterious items, but she says there are none. Then Francine comes and her dad divides them into hiking buddies: Fern and Francine, Jenna and Prunella, and Muffy and Oliver Frensky. Soon they set off. Francine is telling Fern to hurry up due to her taking a while tying her shoelace, then they get called over for lunch. Before they can leave, the map is blown away by a gust of wind. Then after lunch when they set off again, when they get to a bridge, Fern has to use the restroom so she and Francine go to the restroom. They wasted 11 minutes and 37 seconds. Francine says she knows another way to get to the rope bridge.

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  • Arthur does not appear in this episode, except for the title card. He is also absent from "Thanks a Lot, Binky," making this episode pair the only one in which Arthur does not appear at all.
  • Ranger Jackie's computer seems to resemble a pink Apple iMac G3 (1998-2003).

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