"Finding Family in Chennai"
Season 3, Episode 4
Original airdate February 18, 2012
Location Chennai
Writer Priya Giri Desai
Live-action editor Rachel Clark
Ann S. Kim (additional editing)
Jean Dunoyer (additional editing)
Field producer Priya Giri Desai
Ann S. Kim
Storyboard artist Al Jeffery
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"Finding Family in Chennai" is the fourth episode in the third season of Postcards from Buster.


Buster needs to make a family tree for social studies class.


The story begins with Buster looking in his laptop in his dad's aeroplane. Mora, who is in an international band that Buster's dad takes around the world so they can perform, comes in with a Mridangam, an Indian drum. She says it would be perfect for the song she is making for the movie producer, Neela. 

Buster is very excited about the beaches in Chennai, India where his dad is flying to next. Then, his laptop beeps. He thinks it is Arthur being jealous, but it is Mr. Ratburn who says Buster must make a family tree that represents him. Buster says that he's going to India and that it would be hard, but Mr. Ratburn says he's arranged with a teacher for Buster to get help for his project.

The plane lands in India and you hear a tune as the screen shows pictures and clips of Chennai. Then, it shows Neela, the movie producer in the car. Mora thanks Neela for helping Buster go to the school where he will get help. Buster learns that the red dot on the women's forehead is a bhindi which signifies a woman is married. Then, the cab arrives at the school.

The head mistress, Mrs. Christopher, talks to Mr. Ratburn. Then she clarifies what Buster's homework is again. She calls a sweet boy, Nandan over to help Buster with his project because Nandan had made one last year. Buster looks around the school as he and Nandan go to an empty classroom where they sit and discuss about the project.

Nandan blabbers about the project and Buster gets confused. Finally, Nandan invites Buster over to his house the next day so they could work on it some more.

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  • Mrs. Christopher, headmistress (principal) of the school Buster visits, says she has been friends with Mr. Ratburn for a long time.



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