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"Firefighter No.3" is not an official name.
"Firefighter No.3"
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Complexion Brown
Job Firefighter
Cartoon debut April 9th

Firefighter No. 3 is an unnamed firefighter. He appeared in "April 9th" and "It Came From Beyond."'

Season 7[]

While Binky and Oliver Frensky were picking up trash, engine 19 driven by Firefighter No. 3 pulled up next to them. He told him that he "missed a spot". Mr. Frensky responded by asking who was going to help them. This prompted the fire truck to drive away.

Season 9[]

When Nemo gets stuck in a tree, Killer and the fire department help him. The driver and one of the firefighters to help is Firefighter No. 3. He looks the same as in season 7, except he is a little bit lighter brown.