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4th Grade Female Cat 2
Grade 4th
5th ("Arthur's First Day")
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Strawberry blonde
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"

Fletcher[1] is a fourth grader who debuted in season 1. She is a background character who is seen at Lakewood and other places in Elwood City.

She spoke once in the episode Arthur Goes to Camp (where she was voiced by Maggie Castle). She is also a member of the Tough Customers, but is usually seen with them at the cafeteria, although in Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard she did chase George along with Binky and Rattles.

She hangs out with the 4th Grade Male Rabbit at all times. Before the Tough Customers she was part of the group of students (most likely other fourth graders) at Camp Horsewater that competed against the kids at Camp Meadowcroak

Physical appearance[]

Fletcher is an anthropomorphic cat with a tan complexion. She has long strawberry blonde hair tied into a ponytail with bangs, and wears a white T-shirt, a black sleeveless biker jacket, red pants, and sneakers.

In the episode D.W. All Wet she was seen wearing a black swimsuit. During her last appearances her skin color has become lighter than it was in earlier episodes.



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  1. Her name is on the sign-up sheet in "The Tardy Tumbler" (see File:The Tardy Tumbler names.png)