Arthur Wiki
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Job Hairdresser
Cartoon debut Francine's Bad Hair Day

Flossie is a local hairdresser who works in Salon de Beauté. She speaks in a sweet voice with a French dialect. She can speak many words and phrases in French, such as au courant (up-to-date) and Ma chérie (My dear). Muffy appears to know her on a first name basis. She also enjoys talking into the microphone to announce to everyone about someone getting their hair done. She doesn't like Francine due to her not having money like Muffy.



Flossie in Postcards from Buster

Flossie is a brown rabbit with blonde hair. She wears a pair of gold cat eyed glasses. She wears a purple shirt under a purple coat, a beauty mark on the right side of her face, pink lipstick and has a white beaded necklace. In her appearance in Postcards From Buster, she has a lighter skin color, brown hair, pink lipstick and green cat eyed glasses. She wears a white shirt under a green coat and a multicolored necklace in this appearance.

Season 1[]

In order to prepare for School Picture Day, Muffy contacted Flossie to schedule a hair appointment and blackmailed Francine into getting her hair done. After picking the style she wanted, Francine went to sleep. When she woke up she was less than thrilled after her hair. She subsequently paid Flossie and left.[1]

Season 4[]

She entered the Mega Kid clothing store in the Mill Creek Mall as Buster ran out, driven mad by all the clothes.[2]

She was in Arthur's fantasy about Buster attending the next annual Father's Day Picnic without his dad; he imagined everyone (including Flossie) would overreact and give him a "group hug" after he told Mr. Haney his father wasn't there because his parents were divorced.[3]



Oh well, we don't promise miracles, not in your price range anyway." — Flossie, "Francine's Bad Hair Day