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Food cabinet
Food cabinet
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Display case


Buster Baxter

First Appeared (cartoon)

"1001 Dads"

Buster's food cabinet,[1] also known as Buster's Cabinet of Culinary Curiosities,[2] is a cabinet owned by Buster Baxter. It contains old foods (e.g. donuts, banana peels, corn, rolls, etc.). It is kept on one side of his room. Usually his mother is the one pestering him to throw away at least some of the things in it and compost them. Coincidentally though, a few series later, Buster realizes the importance of putting your old food out for the compost. In "Buster's Green Thumb," it is shown that the foods in the cabinet are alive and can speak to one another, although Buster is unaware of this.


  1. Banana
  2. Two-headed carrot
  3. Donut
  4. Corn
  5. Pizza
  6. Tapioca Pudding
  7. Roll[3]
  8. Croissant[4]
  9. Turkey Bone from Buster's First Thanksgiving[5]
  10. A piece of ginger shaped like a camel[6]
  11. Cannoli[7]
  12. Tuvaluna cookie



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