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"Francine's cousin" is not an official name.
This article is about Francine's female cousin. You may be looking for Seth.
Francine's cousin
Gender Female
Family Unnamed parents
Francine Frensky (cousin)

Oliver Frensky (uncle)
Laverne Frensky (aunt)
Catherine Frensky (cousin)
Seth (cousin)
Seth's mother (aunt)
Seth's father (uncle)
Bubby (possibly grandmother)
Bubby's husband (possibly grandfather)
Francine's grandfather (possibly grandfather)

Francine's cousin is an unnamed female cousin of Francine Frensky.

According to Francine, her cousin had a dog that couldn’t be trained. Her parents made the dog live on a farm.[1][2]

According to Francine, her cousin visited Kentucky for a summer and developed an accent.[3]





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