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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the guest star.
Fred Rogers
Fred Rogers
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Gray
Complexion Tan
Cartoon debut "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers"
Voiced by Real life Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers (also known as Mister Rogers) is a special guest star because he comes from his own PBS program: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

He is an old friend of Arthur's mother, and knew her from when she was a little girl. He stayed for a few days at Arthur's house in "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers." He meets people and walks around Elwood City, even visiting Arthur's school before he had to leave. He gives Arthur some helpful advice about not being afraid.

He was also seen in the episode "Elwood City Turns 100!" as one of the many guest stars that Muffy invites to the play. However, like the other guest stars, his voice wasn't heard.

Buster mentions him in "On This Spot" after his Derek Montaigne tour fails. He desperately tries to keep the crowd following by telling them "Mister Rogers once stayed there."