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Freddy K.
Freddie K.jpg
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Family Gerald (cousin)
Cartoon debut "The Secret Origin of Supernova"
Voiced by Terrence Scammell

Freddy K. is the owner of Meteor Comix, a comic book store in Elwood City.


His first appearance is in the episode "The Secret Origin of Supernova." He lets Buster and Arthur look in his big book on comic characters. He says his all-time favorite hero is Jack Kirby, who made lots of comic book characters.

In "Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny," he temporarily leaves and hands over the reigns to his store to his cousin Gerald. After the kids complaining about the horror comics the store specialized in, Freddy comes back.

In "Arthur's Toy Trouble," he teaches Arthur and Buster how defective toys can be valuable, and shows them all of his valuable defective toys. He looks at Arthur's Mutant Muck Monster and it determines that it is not valuable.