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Dr. Fugue
Gender Male
Animal Poodle
Eye color Light brown[1]
Hair color Blond
Residence Frederique Fugue's house, Elwood City
Job Concert pianist, piano teacher, musicologist
Book debut Arthur Plays the Blues
Cartoon debut "Arthur Plays the Blues"
Voiced by Noel Burton

Dr. Frederique Fugue (also spelled Frederick[2]) is a concert pianist, private tutor and musicologist.


Early life[]


A young Frederique in a children's choir

As a child, Frederique had been part of a children's choir who performed at least once at Bartleby Hall in Crown City. "Tipping the Scales"

He came under the instruction of Mrs. Cardigan, who would teach him in piano until he became her star pupil. "Arthur Plays the Blues"

Dr. Fugue then went on to do his undergrad at Yale, where he spent some time as a member the Whittenpoofs. "Tipping the Scales" He then went on to study music in graduate school, where he once had a dueling pianos match with Liberace. "Arthur Plays the Blues"


Dr. Fugue acquired a grand piano, which he named Giselle. As a concert pianist, he played on his personal piano in places ranging from Vienna to Carnegie Hall, returning many times to some locations. He became friends with other famous musicians such as Yo-Yo Ma. "Arthur Plays the Blues"


Sometime in the past, Fugue tutored a child named Mikey, who supposedly lost his grip strength due to practicing an excessive number of scales. However, Mikey may have been a story entirely made up by Binky. "Arthur Plays the Blues"

When Fugue's old teacher Mrs. Cardigan decided to retire, she made phone calls with him and he accepted Arthur Read to be his student. However, when Arthur appeared to lack interest in learning piano, Dr. Fugue "fired" him. He briefly tutored Kenny afterward, but ended up "firing" him as well, for unknown reasons. Finding motivation to be now present in Arthur, he "re-hired" him. "Arthur Plays the Blues"


Teaching at Lakewood

With Ms. Krasny unable to take the Lakewood Elementary Choir to Bartleby Hall in Crown City, Dr. Fugue was hired as her substitute teacher. Ignoring Binky's attempt to avoid singing and temporarily overruling Ms. Krasny's preexisting promise of the solo role to Francine, he pushed the class into singing in harmony. He chose the song In the Good Old Summer Time for the choir, to relieve the feeling of winter. Once the choir had perfected their singing, Dr. Fugue wished for them to have fun. Though a closed road prevented the school bus from reaching Crown City, Dr. Fugue improvised and had the kids perform at a roadside diner. "Tipping the Scales"

Fugue owns a cat named Fur Elise. Once when she went missing, he looked for her, eventually finding her at Arthur's house. "D.W.'s Furry Freak-out"

He met Arthur again at The Yarn Yurt, where he bought yarn for knitting more gloves. When the Tough Customers teased Arthur for knitting a scarf, he invited them all to his knitting club. "Arthur Unravels"


Dr. Fugue likes to knit, often making fingerless gloves for his students. "Arthur Plays the Blues" He hosts a knitting club at his home with Oliver Frensky, Mrs. MacGrady and Rattles. "Arthur Unravels"

Dr. Fugue tends to be very strict and no-nonsense, and is deeply methodical and analytical when teaching his students. He doesn't tolerate laziness and will ask his students to leave if he feels they aren't dedicated. However, he does have a softer side and genuinely wants his students to find enjoyment in the music they create, and tries to instill this in them even as he tutors them.

He enjoys keeping pets, often teaching them musical skills as well. His bird Tosca can change the tempo of its chirping "Arthur Plays the Blues" and his cat Fur Elise is naturally attracted to music. "D.W.'s Furry Freak-out"

He's also a fan of musical variety television program Soul Train. "Arthur Plays the Blues"


Dr. Fugue has gained several skills beyond actually playing the piano. By looking at the stretch and calluses on a person's fingers, he is able to estimate how long the subject has been playing piano, with accuracy of a half year. He is shown to have perfect pitch when after hearing Arthur's parents' car honk he remarks, “C-sharp, they should get that tuned.” Ironically the actual note played by the car honk wasn't actually C-sharp, but a G. Fugue has memorized all of the notes in the collection of Bach's two-part inventions, as well as the total number of notes in each piece. "Arthur Plays the Blues"




Behind the scenes[]

  • His voice resembles a European accent.
  • His name is most likely based on the musical term "fugue", a composition with two or more voices or parts.
  • His first name might be a reference to Frédéric Chopin, because a bust of Chopin is shown in Mrs. Cardigan's house, just a few seconds before she tells Arthur about Dr. Fugue.
    • The name Frederique (spelled Frédérique in French) is actually a feminine name in French, translating to Frederica in English. Frédéric is the proper French form of Frederick.


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