This article is about the pet rat. You may be looking for Mr. Higgins, the postal worker.
General Higgins
General Higgins.jpg
Gender Male
Animal Rat
Complexion Light yellowish gray
Residence Louisiana (formerly)
Compson family's house
Cartoon debut "Based on a True Story"

General Bucephalus Calpurnia Higgins is Ladonna's pet rat. According to her, he is very smart.

In "Pets and Pests," he misses travelling and in the same episode, Kate Read, Pal, D.W. Read and Nemo mistake him for the mouse infesting the Read house, having gotten bigger and changed color. D.W. thinks he's changed from the food and Kate, Pal, and Nemo think he's changed because he's a "gabbernook", an imaginary creature they made up. After Ladonna reveals his true identity, she shows Arthur and a trick where General Higgings jumps through a hoop, which impresses them. D.W. then pats General Higgings. When the exterminator the Reads hired to deal with the mouse arrives and Ladonna and General Higgings have to leave, D.W. asks Ladonna if she can play with him whenever they came over, to which Ladonna agrees.



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