"George's sister" is not an official name.
George's sister
George's Sister.jpg
Gender Female
Animal Moose
Hair color Brown
Residence George's House, Elwood City
Family Neal Lundgren (father)
Mrs. Lundgren (mother)
George (brother)
George's grandmother (grandmother)
George's grandfather (grandfather)
George's Cousin
George's Uncle
Cartoon debut "Sue Ellen's Little Sister"

George's sister is the daughter of Neal Lundgren and Mrs. Lundgren, and the sister of George Lundgren. She first appears in "Sue Ellen's Little Sister", racing with George in the Brother-and-Sister Race at the Annual Picnic.

In the special Arthur's Perfect Christmas, she was dancing with the rest of her family. She was dressed as St. Lucy ("Sankta Lucia") in this appearance.

She has made cameos in several episodes, like in Muffy's New Best Friend when she's seen on the spinning teacup ride with George and in Bitzi's Beau she's seen walking out of Lakewood Elementary School.

Physical appearance

George's sister has skin complexion a little lighter than her brother. She has auburn dark colored hair with cream bows in them. She wears a red long-sleeved shirt with teal edges, a cream shirt under it, denim shorts and a teal belt with a yellow belt buckle.


  • George's sister has antlers, when in reality a female moose lacks them.




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