"George Blows His Top"

George Blows His Top

Arthur gbht

Season/Series: 9
Number in season: 2b
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States December 21, 2004
Flag of Canada May 5, 2005[1]
Flag of Germany January 1, 2008[2]
Written by: Courtney Lilly
Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"Francine's Big Top Trouble"
"Arthur Weighs In"
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"George Blows His Top" is the second half of the second episode in the ninth season of Arthur.


George is always more than happy to lend his friends whatever they need, especially Buster. But when Buster's borrowing gets out of hand, will George risk their friendship to say enough is enough?[3]


The episode opens with D.W. digging in the backyard. A butterfly flies pass by her and she notices it and says "ooo." The butterfly flies pass by Jane Read laying back on a lawn chair reading the newspaper. Arthur comes to her asking, "If he can see "Wacky Zack, the Zombie King?" Jane looks at him and she says "No." Arthur tells his mom, it's just a comedy, and Binky's mom took him before." Jane interrupts and tells him that it's rated PG-13 and he won't be seeing it." Arthur tries to counter. "But..." Jane says, "No." Arthur than turns and looks at the camera, asking the viewers, "how they hate hearing the word no all the time" Than it moves to Mr. Ratburn's class. Where Binky was interested in going outside, Mr. Ratburn breathes in the air and closes the blind, turns around and says to Binky, "No." Binky looks down in disappointment. Next scene, Buster is at his kitchen in his condo, he is interested in a pink frosted cake. He goes for the cake his mom turns around says "No". Buster looks to the pink frosting, smiles and heads to the frosting his mom says "no" without looking, he feels disappointed walks away grabs a cookie from a plate, his mom says "No" and Buster returns the cookie. Then goes to Muffy's house and Muffy's dad says "No". Muffy gasps and asks him how could he do that. "Then Muffy's dad tells her that they just don't have enough space for a hippo quite yet." then Muffy cries. It moves back to Arthur in his backyard. "Sometimes 'No' is the only thing he hears now." Arthur says to the viewer walking away. He turns away from the camera walked a few steps and trips over the sand pail D.W. had. D.W. screams "No!" Next viewers see Arthur on the ground cover in mud. D.W. is disappointed. That she has to make a whole new batch of mud now. Arthur looks at the camera and tells the viewers "That is one 'No' he had ever heard."

George Blows His Top

We start with Binky riding back and forth on the swings, "1...2...3....Go."  Then it's George's turn.  Buster gives him a start by pulling him back farther.  He jumps off and ties with Buster. In class, Mr. Ratburn gives the class a pop quiz. Buster looks around and realizes that he has no pencil.  He asks George with causing him to give his only pencil. He tries to use a crayon instead until the time was up. But Mr. Ratburn says he can't read the answers and that he'll have to retake the quiz after school.  Buster hands back the pencil and says to George, "I owe you one." At lunch, George takes the last piece of Boston creme pie and Buster begs for it because he missed it the week before. He tries to get George to hand over the slice.  He agrees, but feels gloomy when the only thing left is "pears in syrup."

He walks away sadly.  At his locker, George realizes Buster had replaced his jacket. George tries it on and realizes that it's too big for him, however, Buster tells him it's supposed to be like that.  In one of the pockets, there's an old dried up lollipop. George growls; While walking with Arthur, George imagines himself as a monster angrily ripping off the jacket and burning it with his breath. When Arthur asks for the time, George angrily states, "Get your own watch!" He realizes it was just Arthur and quickly chase and apologize to him.

At the sugar bowl, George tell Arthur his problem and Arthur said that George can't say yes to Buster every time he want something, what if he wants everything from him like his shoes.  George wants to say no, but he's afraid that what if he loses his nerve when he's talking to Buster, and Arthur suggests that he should practice with somebody.

Liking that idea, George goes to his room and practices with his ventriloquist's dummy, Wally. But first, Wally says to play Buster, he needs ears—so George outfits Wally with socks for ears. George wants Wally to try and convince him to give up the juice box George has. Wally plays off George's sympathies and easily gets George to give him the juice box. Then when Wally sees that it contains pineapple juice, he flings it across the room into the garbage, since he doesn't like that kind of juice. George decide to practice himself.

George sits on his porch with a tape recorder and microphone. He speaks into the microphone saying how he sometimes feels like Buster's taking advantage of him and how it makes him feel kind of mad he plays the tape back and thinks he sounds whiny. Buster pulls up on his bicycle and George tries to hide the tape recorder behind him, but Buster sees it, and asks if he can see it. George hands it to Buster and Buster starts singing his Baxter's Day into the mike Buster asks if he can borrow it sometime and George was about to say no, but then he agreed. Buster seems surprised that George is letting him take it—he figured he wasn't going to be loaned the equipment now... But he loads it into his backpack Buster doesn't notice George is sad. Buster beams a big smile and rides off.

Back in his room, George imagines he'll eventually give Buster everything he has even Wally. George stops imagining as he hears from below Buster at the door asking George's Mom if George is at home George and Wally look out the window to see Buster down there, and the two of them duck down hoping Buster hasn't seen them. They think about climbing out the window to escape, but decide that's a bad idea George and Wally see Buster has his backpack and figure he's here to take Wally away. George blocks the door with a chair pushed up against the handle. Buster knocks on the door he wants to talk. George lets him in, and hands Wally to Buster, saying "try not to lose him", but Buster isn't here for Wally. Buster came to give George his stuff back.

Buster unpacks George's stuff and Buster plays the tape on the tape recorder for George.  We hear Buster apologizing for borrowing all George's stuff, saying that he didn't know how it would make George feel bad. If he'd have known, he wouldn't have done it. Then he says on the tape that George is a good friend. George realizes that Buster must have heard what George had recorded on the tape.  Buster says he had. No hard feelings though.  The two shake hands, and Buster asks George for a favor, but it's not another loan of something! Buster says that in future, George should tell him if something is bothering him it will save a lot of time. George asks if Buster still wants to go to Muffy's to play Virtual Goose. Buster does.  George says he'll meet him downstairs. Buster leaves, and George puts Wally in the closet. As he does so, Wally comments that Buster isn't such a bad guy, and wants to know if he can borrow the stuff Buster returned, like the pencil, which Wally wants to use to clean his ears out with George isn't going to make any trades right now though. He closes the door on the closet.







Cultural references

  • When George loses his anger he changes his form into a monstrous creature, like Dr. Bruce Banner who transformed into the Hulk when he gets angry.

Episode connections


  • During the prologue, when Muffy cried, "Daddy! How could you?!" Muffy's socks were missing. But in the second and third scene, her socks came back.


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