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Glasses for D.W.
Glasses for D.W.
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date March 1, 1996
Published by Random House Books For Young Readers
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Glasses for D.W. is a 1996 sticker/picture book by Marc Brown.


D.W. wants to wear glasses, just like her big brother, Arthur. After Arthur explains that without his glasses a hat looks like a bat and some string looks like a ring duck, D.W. sets out to prove that everything looks funny to her, too. Finally, Arthur finds a way to make his sister see the situation a bit more clearly in which D.W wants glasses without really needing them. Arthur explains to D.W that his glasses are for him to see better, not just for decoration. But D.W. objects and gives references, such as her dad saying she was "blind as a bat" for not finding her toothbrush. She even bumped into things to prove she needed them.