Mr. Pryce-Jones' current 3rd grade class entering the Elwood City Medieval Fair.

Glenbrook Academy is a private school in Elwood City, and, according to Elwood City Turns 100!, one of 15 schools in Elwood City. The majority of the children are known to be clever. It was a candidate school for Elwood City's Medieval Fair against Lakewood Elementary School in The Return of the King. At the very end of that episode, Arthur grabbed the sword out of the stone, where Lakewood immediately triumphed over Glenbrook Academy. Glenbrook Academy is known as one of the most prestigious academies in Elwood City. The students at Glenbrook resemble the same personalities as the students at Lakewood.


One of Glenbrook Academy's teachers is Mr. Pryce-Jones, who lead his class, all with striking similiarities to Lakewood students, to the medieval fair. Mr. Ratburn used to attended the school and Mr. Ratburn thinks he is not a tough enough teacher because of his former teacher. Mr. Haney's niece and nephew are currently tutored by Mr. Pryce-Jones.

Current Day

  • In Elwood City Turns 100! it almost hosted the musical, but instead Lakewood did.
  • Mr. Pryce-Jones has still not retired from teaching and still leads his class in a very strict manner, just like his past students.

School Uniform

Unlike Lakewood Elementary, Glenbrook is a private school (Lakewood is public). Like many private schools, Glenbrook requires that all students wear the official uniform. The male students wear blue blazers with the school crest, navy blue ties, tan pants, and gray shoes. The female students wear similar jumpers with the school crest, plaid skirts, different shoes, and their blue socks are visible.


There is only one known faculty member, Mr. Pryce-Jones, who teaches 3rd grade. Presumably, there are numerous other faculty members, such as a principal, kitchen staff, nurse, etc (otherwise the school would barely function.)


3rd Graders

Former students



  • It's unknown how many grades Glenbrook Academy covers, since in Arthur's Almost Boring Day it's revealed that Mr. Ratburn was a student at Elwood City High School (which is a public school) alongside Mr. Haney and both of Arthur's parents.
    • It's possible that Glenbrook Academy is either a private elementary school (covering Kindergarten thru 5th-grade) or a private K-8 school (covering both elementary school and middle school).
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