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"Go Fly a Kite"
Season/Series: 17
Number in season: 7b
Original Airdate: United States April 22, 2014[1]
United Kingdom November 11, 2013[2]
Australia April 29, 2013[3]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Cilbur Rocha
"Pets and Pests"
"The Director's Cut"
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"Go Fly a Kite" is the second half of the seventh episode in the seventeenth season of Arthur.


While playing in the park, Binky, Muffy, and Ladonna stumble upon an abandoned kite. After failing to find the owner, the trio plans to take joint custody of the toy. But sharing it is easier said than done.[4]


In the introduction, Arthur finds a quarter and wonders who else had the quarter before and who will have it afterwards. He believes that D.W. will inherit his sweater, but she thinks it is way too "Arthury". They see a kite flying over the park. Its owner lets go of the string.

Go Fly a Kite

Muffy and Bailey practice golf in the park. The ball lands beside a butterfly, which Binky was about to catch, right under a tree on which Ladonna is reading. Ladonna sees a kite in another tree and retrieves it with the help of Muffy's golf club.

The kids have fun flying the kite, but its owner does not come back. Since they cannot agree on who should keep it, Muffy has her dad's lawyer draw up a time-sharing contract. They draw straws to decide who gets it first. Binky wins so he gets the first week.

It rains all through Binky's kite-week, and when the sun comes out, there is no wind and Muffy comes to claim the kite. Binky offers everything to keep it longer. Muffy makes the lawyer make another contract saying that Binky will get it one extra day in exchange for two of his days.

When Muffy flies the kite, Chip calls and she accidentally lets the kite go. Despite Bailey's best efforts, it is lost.

Muffy does not dare to tell Binky and Ladonna the truth, so she buys a new kite at Weird Things exactly like the lost one.

Over the next week, Muffy manages to crash a number of identical kites. Just before she is supposed to give the kite to Ladonna, she finds one in a bush in the park. Ladonna takes it without noticing that it is not the original one.

Ladonna damages the kite while impressing D.W. and Bud with tricks. She has it fixed, but that means she does not get to fly it all week.

When Ladonna passes the kite on, Muffy says that, according to the contract, she owes each of them three kite-days for damaging the kite. Binky notices that the contract does not specify when he has to give his two days to Muffy and suggests December of next year. All three quarrel loudly, but are interrupted by Carl who hates loud noises. He tells them that the kite is his and remembers exactly when and where he lost it. Binky remarks that they could have just flown the kite instead of arguing. Carl offers the others to fly the kite with him if they are quiet.







  • This is the first episode where Carl appears without George.

Episode connections

  • Muffy tries to putt a ball into a glass, just like Alberto did in “Molina’s Mulligan”. It even seems to be the same glass.
  • Binky is catching butterflies. He first did this in "Binky Barnes, Wingman."
  • Ladonna wants to find the owner and return the kite for a reward, like she did with the gold watch in “Based on a True Story”.
  • Three friends quarreling about how to divide an object they found is similar to “Finders Key-pers”.
  • Muffy suggests a time-share. She suggested the same to Arthur and D.W. in "Bats in the Belfry."
  • Ladonna suggests that they pull straws to see who gets the kite first. D.W. suggested that Arthur and his friends do this in "Just the Ticket."
  • Binky mentions how the weatherman is usually wrong (“The Blizzard”, “Arthur’s Snow Biz”, “Waiting for Snow”). This time he is right.
  • One of Muffy's kites flies into the sun, just like the hot-air balloon did at the end of "Unfinished."

Cultural references

  • The opening of the classical composition Morning Mood by Edvard Grieg plays during the sequence in which Binky, Ladonna, Muffy and Bailey all fly the kite.


  • Muffy says "Here! In paragraph 4, subheading A," while pointing at the end of paragraph two on her contract.
  • When Ladonna tells Muffy to give her her golf club so that she can get the kite down from the tree, Muffy says it's not a golf club, it's a putter. But when they fight over the kite with Binky about using it, she says it's a golf club, even though she just said it's not.
  • When the kids quarrel, Carl holds his hands where a human's ears would be, which is several inches below his rabbit ears.


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