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Good Night, D.W.
Good Night DW.jpg
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date June 23, 2004
Published by LB Kids
ISBN 0316733857
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D.W. The Big Boss
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Good Night, D.W. is a D.W. book by Marc Brown. In the book, it is time for D.W. to go to bed, but she insists repeatedly that she is not sleepy. Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Read all try to help her, seemingly without success, until D.W. finally ends up unintentionally putting herself to sleep.

Plot summary

Arthur tries to get D.W. to sleep

It's D.W.'s bedtime. As she cuddles up with her teddy bear, Mom and Dad turn on her Mary Moo Cow night-light, give her a kiss and bid her goodnight. D.W., however, is wide awake and calls out worriedly, "Is anyone out there?" Arthur comes in and D.W. tells him that she can't sleep. Arthur tells her that whenever he can't sleep, he thinks of one of Bionic Bunny's adventures and it tires him out. D.W. tries thinking of Bionic Bunny, but all she can come up with is that he probably has trouble falling asleep too, given all of the emergencies he must have on his mind. Arthur tells her that he has homework to do and leaves her.

Still wide awake, D.W. calls out again. This time, Dad shows up and asks her what's wrong. When she tells him that she can't sleep, he suggests counting sheep. She does, but ends up imagining exhausted sheep who can never get any sleep because they're too busy jumping fences. Dad sighs and wishes her goodnight again.

Once again, D.W. calls out, this time getting Mom's attention. Mom tells her to think about happy things, pointing to a picture on D.W.'s nightstand of her playing with a beach ball on the beach. D.W. doesn't want to think about the beach at all - it brings back bad memories of getting itchy sand in her bathing suit. Mom shakes her head and like the others, wishes D.W. goodnight and leaves.

D.W. makes an effort to try to get to sleep. She closes her eyes and imagines Bionic Bunny, the beach and fluffy white sheep. None of it helps, though, and she once again calls out, loudly, "IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?" Arthur, Mom and Dad all rush into her room, Dad asking what's the matter. D.W. asks how she can be expected to sleep with the wind blowing, her bed creaking and Baby Kate making weird sounds. As she waxes poetic about how there might be a monster under her bed or in the closet, she begins to yawn. She says that she could go on and on, putting herself right to sleep, as the others tiptoe out of her room and she drifts away to sweet dreams.

Behind the scenes

The back of the book features a hidden object game showing scenes from D.W.'s imaginings, "Help D.W. Get to Sleep!" Readers are asked to find objects within the scenes such as an umbrella and an alphabet block.