"Good Ol' Tyme"
Season 1, Episode 14
IMG 0500
Original airdate November 11, 2004
Location Whitesburg, Kentucky
Writer Adam Felber with Glen Berger
Live-action editor Daniel Gaucher
Field producer Ellie Lee
Storyboard artist Patrick Cunningham
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"Good Ol' Tyme" is the fourteenth episode in the first season of Postcards from Buster.


Buster and Binky are to complete a history report, but he has gone to the rural areas of Kentucky and can't find any historical places anywhere. It isn't long though when Carlos and Mora introduce him to some others and he learns of fiddling, square-dancing and traditional old time music, which he does on his report and gets an "A".


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  • Buster receives an "A" again in this episode.


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