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Grain Reaper
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Model kit


Stu (formerly)
Buster Baxter
Arthur, Binky, & Brain (each briefly)

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The Grain Reaper (referred to as Darlene by Buster's uncle in a fantasy sequence) is a combine model seen in the episode "Ungifted".

Buster found it when he was trying to find a spare umbrellla. He decided to put it together and gave it to Arthur before he went to the movies to get an autographed Dark Bunny poster. Unfortunately, Binky got the last of them. Arthur, in a desperate want for the poster, trades the thresher for the poster. When Buster learns this, he is mad at Arthur for trading it. After a bad dream, Arthur determines to get the thresher back. He asks Binky, but he sold it to Brain. The Brain tells Arthur he donated it to the library. He asks Mr. Ratburn about it. He says he donated his model of the thresher because the one Brain donated was missing a few pieces, so he put it in the school tag sale. Arthur tries to bribe the Tibble's grandmother into giving him the thresher. She agrees and gives it to Arthur (until the Tibbles play catch and smash it). Worried, Arthur returns the thresher. Buster likes it. After that, Buster starts spending half of his allowance to buy a farm-based model (although Arthur suggested the Dark Bunny Mobile).

The Grain Reaper appears again in "Nicked by a Name" on a poster in Brain's imagination.