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This article is about the bird. You may be looking for the song about the bird, the baseball team, or the children's baseball team.

A green-tailed grebe

Green-tailed grebes are fictional marshland birds of the family Podicipedidae. Once thriving in the woods of Elwood City, they are now considered extinct, though there have been a few recent reports of sightings.


The grebe population quickly dwindled and practically went extinct because of a deforestation caused by the lumber town founded by Jacob Katzenellenbogan. This town would become an official city in 1903.[1]

In the present day, Professor Conrad Twitter saw a green-tailed grebe in the woods around Elwood City. He made a recording of its call but did not have a camera with him. His interview on Nature News with Dale Drowzman inspired Brain to look for the grebe himself. He and Buster were able to find one but failed to take a picture.[2]


Fern portrayed a grebe in the school play Oh, Elwood!.

Several things in Elwood City are named after green-tailed grebes, most notably the baseball team, the Elwood City Grebes.

Behind the scenes

The green-tailed grebe is not a real bird species. Real grebes are—as The Brain correctly points out—marshland birds of the family Podicepedidae. However, they are poor flyers and are incapable of perching in trees, the way the grebe in the show does.




There are at least 7 different types of grebes, although the green-tailed grebe is not one of them. It is possible that the green-tailed grebe is based on a real species, the red-necked grebe.[3]