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Groovy Garden
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Game Information
Game type Trivia quiz
Main character(s) Buster, Fritz Langley, Pal
Platform Online

Groovy Garden was a game on the Arthur page of the PBS Kids website.

It was removed from the show's official website in 2018.


You must click on a pile of dirt in the garden. You will then be presented a question with two options for the answer on which is greener, in which means to use less energy and conserve Mother Nature. Correct answers reveal an example (usually a screenshot from any episode) and let you choose a seed to plant in the dirt pile. Clicking on the sprinkler will water the plants and make them grow. When all the dirt piles have fully-grown plants, you may either save your garden or play again. Incorrect answers on the other hand will otherwise have the announcer prove that the opposite is true and explain a reason behind the incorrect answer.

For instance, riding a horse to school (as in the episode "Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider") is greener than driving a car and does not pollute the air with carbon footprints.


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