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This article is about the character. You may be looking for Hana Kukal, a storyboard artist for Arthur.
Age 13
Gender Female
Animal Bear
Hair color Dark vermilion
Pale, light grayish amaranth (bangs)
Complexion Light orange
Cartoon debut "D.W.'s New Best Friend"
Voiced by Elana Dunkelman

Hana[1] is a 13-year-old girl who becomes who becomes friends with D.W. and Bud. "D.W.'s New Best Friend"

Physical appearance

Hana is a bear with a light orange complexion and long, messy brown hair with pink bangs at the front, which are a darker pink at the top and a lighter pink at the bottom. She wears a white long-sleeve V-neck shirt with a design of a pink flower with green leaves on it and a black belt with a golden clasp over it. She also wears a light blue short-sleeve jacket with a white collar that is slightly ripped on either side, and a white line going across the back as well as white frills at the ends of the sleeves, which has various designs on it: a green alien face, a heart symbol, a pizza slice, cherries, a hamburger, and a skull and crossbones; blue short shorts with lighter blue frills at the bottom that are ripped on the front of the legs, a white bracelet with red beads on her left arm, a sky blue earring on her left ear, red and black striped leg warmers that reach up to her knees, and black sneakers with red dots on the outer sides. She has a scar on the right side of her forehead that she got from sleeping with a Princess Platoon tiara, which is usually hidden by her hair. Unlike most characters in Arthur, she has prominent eyelashes.


Hana is described by D.W. as being "mean" and "Bossy Pants", as well as not combing her hair. However, she seems to be nice to her and Bud when they interact. She is a fan of the Princess Platoon franchise.[2]




  2. "Princess Platoon was fierce! For a year, I only wore princess dresses. I got this scar from sleeping in my tiara." — Hana to D.W. Read, "D.W.'s New Best Friend"