"Happy Anniversary"

Read Family

Happy Anniversery

Season/Series: 10
Number in season: 1
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States May 15, 2006[1]
Flag of Canada September 10, 2006[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom December 18, 2006[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
Elie Klimos
"Breezy Listening Blues"
"The Squirrels"
"Happy Anniversary" is the first episode in the tenth season of Arthur. It is a two-part episode.


While they are on their way to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Read, the Reads' van breaks down, stranding the entire family. Arthur and D.W. get locked in a diner storeroom, where they hear the inspiring radio tale of Crooning Cowboy Kid Carter and his little-sister sidekick.[1]


Mr. Ratburn shows a film about perspective and then assigns the class an essay about it. Arthur and Buster are disappointed to have homework on the weekend of the big Bionic Bunny / Dark Bunny special in which all will be revealed, but vow to complete it before the start of the special. Arthur, however, struggles with the assignment.

Jane and David Read are celebrating their tenth anniversary at a fancy restaurant. They're dropping Arthur off for Buster's sleepover and D.W. at Grandma Thora's. Then Grandpa Dave calls and David answers the phone; it turns out that Grandpa Dave was having car problems, so Grandpa Dave was late for the annual Fireman's Ball.

The family gets lost on a highway. Then car troubles leave everyone stranded. Things seemingly go from bad to worse when Arthur and D.W. get locked in a storage room in an old diner. They are disappointed, and a bit scared, but find inspiration in an old radio drama called "Kid Carter and his Sidekick Mistral."






Cultural references


  • Right before the Read family car comes to a complete stop, D.W.'s pantyhose turns the same color as her skin.

Episode connections

Production notes

  • This episode officially marks the 10th anniversary of Arthur on PBS TV stations and the 30th anniversary of Marc Brown writing and illustrating the Arthur books.
  • Michael Yarmush, the original voice of Arthur, has a role in this episode as the waiter at the Ten Spot Diner.
  • During the interstitial, Buster reads ten selected responses from fans telling him why they like the Arthur TV series.
  • Like all episodes of Season 10, this episode included the number '10' hidden in various places. For a list of them, see ARTHUR Season 10 Scavenger Hunt.

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