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Harry Mills
Harry Mills.png
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Job Newspaper sports reporter
Cartoon debut "Bitzi's Beau"
Voiced by Michael Rudder (season 20)

Harry Mills is a sports writer, photographer, and journalist for the Elwood City Times. He and Buster's mother Bitzi encounter each other in "Bitzi's Beau," and become a dating couple. They later break up in "Bitzi's Break-up," but he remains friends with Bitzi and Buster.[1]


Harry seems to be a nice, cheerful guy who enjoys telling jokes and loves kids but is also quite clumsy, nervous, and overly apologetic giving a sense he is not self-confident. Harry likes to hang out with Buster, like going to Elwood City Otters hockey games and Elwood City Grebes baseball games.

Physical appearance

Harry Mills is a rabbit depicted with a beige complexion and clumps of hair, and wears a red and brown suit with a tie and tan shoes. Beginning in season 16, he has buck teeth.




Educational resources

  • When Someone You Know Has Cancer (2014 edition)