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Grade 4th
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Dark brown (s1-s15)
Dark red (s18-s20)
Complexion Brown (s1-s15)
Pink (s18-s20)
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

Helen[1][2] is a fourth grader who made her debut in the first episode "Arthur's Eyes". She is always seen in the background of most episodes.

While she has not been heard speaking, she has been seen speaking to other characters in the background of a number of episodes. She appears to be nice to all the other kids at school.

She is also seen in other places around Elwood City like the library and ice cream shop. Most of the time when she appears she's often with her best friend, Nancy.

Physical appearance[]


Helen's normal clothes

Helen is a cat with brown skin. She wears a cream-colored collared shirt, a yellow sweater with long sleeves over her cream-colored shirt, purple overalls with pink pockets, long pink socks, and pink and white sneakers.

She has dark brown hair in a bob cut. She used to wear a yellow backpack or green backpack. Later on in the series she was seen with a blue colored backpack. Helen also wears an orange sweater with a yellow "P" on it.

She's been seen wearing yellow, green, and blue-colored backpacks in other episodes. When she was in kindergarten she wore a sweater with sleeves and buttons, a gray dress, and white Mary Jane type shoes.

In the episode "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn" she wore a beige shirt, pink shorts, long white socks, and pink and white sneakers during the basketball game.

She was seen wearing the same clothes during the puppet show later on in the same episode. In the episode "Love Notes for Muffy" she is seen wearing pink shorts and a light pink shirt.

After Season 15, she now has auburn hair. She wears a pink shirt with long sleeves and blue overalls with pockets over her shirt. She also wears green and white sneakers. Her skin complexion is now pink.


  • Jenna - Jenna is seen with her in the library while they are reading Henry Skreever books to each other and talking about it.
  • Nancy - Most of the time when Helen appears, she is seen often with her.
  • D.W. - In "D.W.s Imaginary Freind" Helen is apparently her friend. D.W. shows her and her other friend, Nancy Arthur's room.



"Someone get my barf bags!" in "D.W. and Bud's Higher Purpose".



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