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Character Modelsheets and Storyboards


Season 1

Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn

D.W.'s Imaginary Friend

Arthur Bounces Back

I'm a Poet

Season 2

Love Notes for Muffy

Season 3

And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids

Season 4

Arthur's Big Hit

Season 5

Bitzi's Beau

Season 6

Prunella's Special Edition

Citizen Frensky

Season 8



Season 9

Tipping the Scales

A is for Angry

Season 10

Fern and Persimmony Glitchet

D.W., Bossy Boots

Buster's Special Delivery

Season 11

Prunella Packs It In

Season 12

On This Spot

Do You Believe in Magic

Season 15

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Season 18

D.W. and Bud's Higher Purpose

Alternate Apparel

With Nancy


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