This article is about the character. You may be looking for the book series.
Henry Skreever
Henry Skreever Facebook.png
Gender Male
Animal Rodent
Hair color Brown
Complexion Peach
Cartoon debut "Prunella's Special Edition"
Voiced by Oliver Grainger

Henry Skreever (also spelled as Henry Screever[1]) is the title character of a book series by J.R. Ticklepenny. He is a boy wizard who must defeat the evil Lord Moldywart.



  • He is a parody of Harry Potter.
    • He is presumably British (like Harry Potter), judging by his accent.
  • One of his friends is named Persephone, who is presumably a parody of Hermione Granger.
    • The key scar on his forehead is a parody of Harry Potter's lightning bolt scar that also appears on his forehead.
    • He's voiced by Oliver Grainger. He does a humorous imitation of Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter.


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