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"Hic or Treat"
Season/Series: 11
Number in season: 7a
Original Airdate: United States September 4, 2007[1]
Canada October 17, 2007[3]
United Kingdom December 19, 2007[2]
Written by: Kathy Waugh
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"Dancing Fools"
"Mr. Alwaysright"
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"Hic or Treat" is the first half of the seventh episode in the eleventh season of Arthur.


D.W.'s hiccups will not go away.


In the introduction, Arthur searches his room for a Halloween costume. He explains that scaring people is an important tradition and makes three trick-or-treaters change their costumes from cute to scary. He then tries to scare D.W., who has the hiccups, but fails.

Hic or Treat

Arthur and his friends design their costumes. Arthur wants to go as “Frankentist” (half Frankenstein, half dentist), Francine as a prom queen, Buster as “Candyboy” and Brain as the Fourteenth Century.

Arthur quarrels with D.W., who does not think he is scary. He and Mrs. Read try to cure D.W.’s hiccups.

Brain suggests scaring D.W. Arthur tries but ends up hurting himself. D.W. claims that nothing he could do would scare her.

D.W. hands Arthur a list with the four things that scare her most: Dark Bunny, octopuses, eating gingerbread men and giving her toy unicorn Uni to the Tibbles.

Arthur throws a fake octopus in D.W.’s bath, to no avail. He watches Dark Bunny with D.W., but the episode shows Dark Bunny dancing with Mary Moo Cow, which bothers Arthur more than it does D.W. Arthur takes D.W. to The Sugar Bowl to eat a gingerbread man. She freaks out but does not stop hiccupping.

Desperate, D.W. gives Uni to the Tibbles. It almost works, but when Brain mentions the world record for hiccuping, D.W.’s hiccups return. D.W. has a fantasy of almost breaking the record after hiccuping for nearly sixty-nine years, only to stop hiccuping in the last 30 seconds.

In the Read home, the Read family and Arthur’s friends put on their costumes. D.W. wants to go as "Hiccup Girl" (just as she is). As the kids are about to go trick-or-treating, Mrs. Read accidentally unplugs the lamp with her broom. She uses a flashlight to find the cord and shines the light in Arthur's Frankentist face as he is holding a dental tool, scaring D.W. At first D.W. is angry, but then she is delighted when she realizes that her hiccups are gone. Arthur is also delighted and tries to scare three trick-or-treaters, only to have them giggle at him. He takes off his mask and says he knew it was too good to be true. He then hiccups and looks worried, and covers his mouth, as the episode ends.






  • The costumes of Arthur, Buster, Francine and Brain appear slightly altered in the PBS website game "Arthur's Tricks and Treats."
  • D.W. imagines her future self as the same size but with white hair, despite imagining her future self as an adult in "D.W.'s Name Game."

Episode connections[]

  • D.W. is still scared of octopuses, as revealed in "D.W. All Wet."
  • D.W. no longer has the blankie she had in "D.W.'s Blankie."
  • D.W. gets the hiccups in "Arthur vs. the Piano". In that episode, Arthur has a fantasy in which the hiccups have made D.W. famous and at the end of the episode, he starts hiccuping himself. In "The World Record", D.W. wants Nadine to crack the world record for hiccuping.
  • Halloween also takes place in the one-hour special "Arthur and the Haunted Tree House." As such, Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Mr. and Mrs. Read all have the same costumes as in this episode.

Cultural references[]


  • When discussing D.W.'s fears, she says she has never seen Dark Bunny, but heard it is "scary." However, in "That's a Baby Show!," she says she watched it the day before and it scared her.

Production notes[]

  • In the title card, D.W.'s dress is colored orange and Arthur's pants are colored green. This is because the episode takes place on Halloween and orange and green are colors commonly related to the holiday.

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