Home or Here
Played in "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur"

Home or Here is a song sung by Buster and D.W. in "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur."


Buster: Home or here?
It's no choice

I'd go home and I'd rejoice
My clothes, my food

My own bed
My special goggles--infrared

Home is where I want to be

D.W.: And for me
A pre-schooler

Home has all my clothes and things
My magic princess sparkle wings

Crusts are cut right from my toast

At home it's Mom
That I miss most

Buster: Mom
Oh, Mom

D.W.: Oh, Mom

Buster: She gives hugs, she's sometimes calm

D.W.: So calm

Buster: I spit my gum into her palm
I'll sing a song for dear ol'...

D.W. Mom
It's true

Buster: It's true

D.W.: She lets me use her new shampoo

Buster: Shampoo

D.W.: And stumble in her high-heeled shoe
She always knows just what to...

D.W: That was a huge shooting spark!

Buster: (chuckles) Shooting star.

D.W.: Whatever. I've never seen one that big!

Buster: Yeah. We don't see them like that at home.

Buster: Here or home
On second thought

Here are shooting stars--a lot
Past the cornfields and beyond

Skinks and snakes down at the pond
Llama rides through meadow land

D.W.: Playing horseshoes on demand
With Uncle Theo--great and grand

Here my dad played when he was younger
It's not so bad, it makes me wonder

Buster: Home or here
It makes me think

D.W.: Yeah, like what the heck's a skink?

Buster: Home is the place to hold dear

D.W. and Buster: But there are new things for us here



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