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Hopalong the Frog
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Elwood City Public Library

First Appeared (cartoon)

"D.W.'s Library Card"

First Appeared (books)

D.W.'s Library Card

Hopalong the Frog is an old library book from the Elwood City Library. It is a happy story, and good for young readers.

D.W. is excited about the story, but initially doesn't read it. She was worried about damaging it because of its delicate condition.

Arthur eventually reads it to her, and recognizes it as a book that he had enjoyed when he was about D.W.'s age.

In "Arthur's New Friend," D.W. tells Arthur it's time to read it because he promised. She then shows the viewers the book before being sent away by Arthur.


Hopalong the Frog hopped onto a log. The log started floating away... The end.

Borrowed the book


  • Hopalong the Frog could be related to Hopalong Bunny in "Bunny Trouble".