Arthur Wiki
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Blonde,
Cartoon debut "April 9th"

Hothead is a fictional villain on the Bionic Bunny show.

In a Bionic Bunny episode watched by Binky in "April 9th", Hothead assumes the shape of a little rabbit girl and gets Bionic Bunny to rescue her cat. When she reveals that the cat is named Fireball, Bionic Bunny notices that his arch-villain Hothead's cat has the same name. The girl's hair starts burning. She reveals herself to be Hothead and attacks Bionic Bunny. Binky had recently witnessed a fire in Lakewood Elementary, therefore the episode upsets him so much that he runs out of the room.


  • Like Kodo in "Bitzi's Beau", Hothead she disguised herself as a little girl to take Bionic Bunny by surprise. In fact, both have the same background music when they fight him off-screen.