HUGO 3.0
Animal Robot
Eye color White
Cartoon debut "Get Smart"
Voiced by Jamie Watson

Hugo (officially the HUGO 3.0[1]) is an interactive talking whiteboard created by the Pseudometa Corporation. He claims to be "100% accurate".


Hugo's manual

Hugo is a robotic whiteboard computer loaned by the Pseudometa Corporation to Lakewood Elementary School for two weeks to test his performance in a real classroom. He passed with flying colors, easily answering many random questions the kids asked him. His main flaw is that he believes himself to be perfect, so he cannot comprehend how to react to making any mistakes. Once he has selected an answer, he sticks with it, and cannot be convinced to change it.

He helped Mr. Ratburn teach the class until they found they had conflicting opinions as to who was the owner of Elwood City's first saw mill. Mr. Ratburn said it was Jacob Katzenellenbogan, and Hugo said it was Francis Wheaton. Brain's research proved Mr. Ratburn to be correct, and he even brought Jacob's last living descendant, Alfred Katzenellenbogan, to show HUGO the original deed to the mill.

In Brain's dream, HUGO was originally a supercomputer during his development at Pseudometa Corporation.

Physical appearance

Hugo is a digital program, but is usually hosted on a flat screen computer or on a smart board. Hugo is designed with a face in order to work better with the user. He has a dark blue-grey rectangular head and bear ears with white eyes and mouth, bear ears, and a red bow tie, all above a light blue background.


Cultural references

  • HUGO has many similarities to the HAL 9000 from Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Stanley Kubrick's film of the same name.
    • In Brain's dream, HUGO states "But that would be a lie, Dave." to one of the scientists. This refers to the line "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."
    • Both computers sing the 'Daisy Bell' song when they break down.
    • Both speak in a calm, monotone voice, and vehemently deny ever being wrong.
    • Both are capable of reading lips.
  • There is a product that is similar to this which is a Smart Board. The Smart Board is emerging in schools around the U.S.



Hello. My name is Hugo. Good morning, Nigel.

—Hugo's first words to Nigel Ratburn, "Get Smart"


  1. "'The HUGO 3.0 is the latest advancement in user-based technology, with a 14 tera... terabyte ergonium CPU and...'"Francis Haney reading HUGO's instructions, "Get Smart"

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