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This article is about the hurricane. You may be looking for the elderly woman or the pet dog.

Hurricane Sadie, as depicted on Brain's weather globe

Hurricane Sadie was a hurricane that impacted the Elwood City area and had wind speeds of at least 110 km/h. According to the Brain, it was the size of France.

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The central portion of Elwood City was spared a direct hit from Hurricane Sadie, but many of the remote regions suffered serious damage, and there were isolated instances of major damage within the city proper. The Katzenellenbogan River flooded, so the Army Corps of Engineers was called in to help clean up the damage. Despite having been boarded up, the Ice Cream Shop suffered major damage due to a fallen tree and was closed for an extended period while it was repaired. The Crosswire mansion suffered a power outage and was heavily flooded, forcing its residents into a temporary shelter. Kaylie Lamott's house was almost completely destroyed. A number of family pets were also displaced by the storm.

Behind the scenes

  • The Brain's anemometer measured wind speeds of 110 km/h which are only tropical storm force. However, since Hurricane Sadie is referred to as a hurricane throughout "Shelter from the Storm", it can be inferred that it either intensified throughout the progression of the episode, or weakened by the time it hit The Brain's House.
  • According to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, Hurricane Sadie may have been a major Category 4 hurricane, based on the severe structural damage at the Lamotts' house. The tree in front is snapped off and the fencing is twisted. Much of the roof is gone, as are some walls. Elsewhere, damage appeared to be Category 1, such as a large tree toppled onto the Ice Cream Shop and large branches broken around Arthur's House.
  • According to Brain, Hurricane Sadie struck Elwood City in June. This is very unlikely, since hurricanes are alphabetically named and Sadie would be 18th on the list of names for the Atlantic hurricane season. Historically, an "S"-named storm has never formed earlier than the month of September.
  • Hurricane Sadie is probably a reference to Hurricane Sandy, which impacted the East Coast of the United States in 2012.